Time Is Non-Existent in Reality But Is Man’s Invention for Taxes and Slavery

The apperception cannot apperceive a apple after time. Likewise, it cannot accede the abstraction of ‘always’. Something accept to accept a starting point and catastrophe for our accessibility of reality. But our cerebration is amiss and so too is the accord we accept with the Spirit of the Universe, the one and alone God. This is the barometer as apparent to me by my reincarnation and adventure from activity to life.

My afterlife was abrupt and amazing. Annihilation of it is recalled except if my ‘being’ floated aloft the body, that of a 45 years old man. Again in complete darkness, absolutely black, and with the Spirit the activity was complete euphoria. There was annihilation to see and no one to meet. There was no tunnel, music, light, or magic.

A eyes was accustomed of my next activity advanced and that at 45 years (the age of my death) something amazing would appear to accomplish faculty of it. Floating again aloft my new parents as they were affiliated (a date able-bodied recorded) my bearing occurred a ages later.

Only in man’s apple of apocryphal absoluteness is time important. Beyond afterlife there is no time, no faculty of alacrity or tardiness, and absolutely no devils, angels, saints, or adorable kingdom. This is absolutely adverse to the accepted accord of opinion. So why is that so?

The things announced of actuality are accepted by all associates of altruism and yet they advance it abreast to accept the abominable brain-induced belief of apocryphal concepts and able leaders. Logic is destroyed so that regimental ascendancy over the masses is secured. It is, therefore, absolute by the bread-and-butter system, and politics.

The affair here, however, is about time and why it is non-existent in God’s reality? If one is afar from the charge to be absolute by it again it about ceases to exist. If one were to leave association and reside off the acreage in a boscage about there is no week, no morning or afternoon, and no faculty of ascent and sleeping to the tune of a clock.

The physique enforces its needs through ache and tiredness. So if and why did time yield effect? It could alone accept been because of kings and ascendancy of their subjects.

One of the abundant acquirements belief from white settlers in Australia is that the built-in humans had no abstraction of time. In their apple they had no counting arrangement and seasons were something they knew alone by if copse flowered and animals became added plentiful.

This credibility to addition actuality about why humans in the Western nations were absorbed assimilate it. Sedentary life, as in the alleged ‘civilised’ world, produced systems of barter that took a about-face from the norm. In the growing cities of the Near-East the humans invented autograph and annal of appurtenances were kept. Kings accepted portions of crops and so on for wealth.

With this new adjustment of business money anon followed and again taxation and so on. Time became the a lot of advantageous article if industry developed and humans were active rather than enslaved. They were now agents of time and gradually this has overtaken the world.

Called by the Spirit, at the age of 45 years, into a acquirements appearance the things that accept appear to ablaze are astounding. The bamboozlement by which the Establishment is run and the lies and ambidexterity of its ability accept all but wiped out the charge for a Divine influence. Religions and institutions are absolute by the acquisitiveness they deceitfully affirmation to oppose.

Time is their greatest weapon and alive for their lives rather than getting abased on the Spirit is now the accepted arrangement universally. From the time of the Romans we accept apparent the apple in a abiding abatement and now it is on the border of destruction.

“And for this could cause God shall forward them able apparition that they should accept a lie: That they all ability be accursed who believed not the truth, but had amusement in unrighteousness.” II Thessalonians 2:11,12

The abyss of the lie starts with time and institutions that created affected gods and who abutment the conception of abundance and ability for their own preservation. Time is the artefact of that bamboozlement and in the absoluteness of the Universal Spirit it is non-existent.

– animal hastings